Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, but when I use x market or y vendor even though it's on a hidden service they still say to use PGP. What gives?

For a market hidden service, the one hidden service is shared by multiple vendors and generally run by an administrator that is not affiliated with all of the vendors. The use of PGP in that case is to ensure your message is only read by the vendor themselves and not the administrator running the hidden service. However, we run our own hidden service, and it isn't shared with any third party, so as long as you use our correct URL, this same risk doesn't apply. We will never sell our products through a third party and anyone who claims to resell our products as an official source should be assumed a scam. The other vendor sites asking you to use PGP... none of them we know of are using v3 hidden services (the long .onion URL), and very few use PGP according to all of the guidelines, meaning the security is weaker than what we're using here.

What's your turnaround?

Short answer: it'll almost always take much less, but give it a month from when you click Finalize to when it's in your mailbox. Long answer: It takes anywhere from same day UP TO 2 weeks for us to produce your order. We say up to because we produce by batches, not continuously - if you happen to place your order on the day the batch closes and your order fits into that batch, your order would be made that same day! But consequently if you ordered at the open of a batch, it'd be around 2 weeks. Shipping - after your package is made and dropped off, it takes around 1 week for the package to be scanned into USPS, because we use a 3rd party courier to drop packages off at various USPS pickup points closer to your destimation for security. Then, Priority takes 2-3 business days, and Express is 1-2 business days. So to answer an exact turnaround is pretty difficult. Of course we'll try to get you your order as fast as we can. Holidays, the weeks after we return from a break, and promos may increase turnaround slightly - we're a small, boutique shop, not a Chinese factory!

Where's my tracking number?

The tracking information we display on our tracking tool is 100% guaranteed live information from USPS - you are welcome to verify it yourself using the tracking number when you receive your package. We can't release tracking numbers for security reasons, we hope you understand.

My ID doesn't scan correctly!

Real Michigan IDs have your name scan as 'FirstMiddle Last' without a space between your first and middle name, and many fields such as your height are blank. This is intentional on ours, as we try to copy the real ID as closely as possible, and is not a mistake.

I want to add or remove an ID from my order!

To remove an ID, the order must not have been a discounted group order and not yet produced. To add an ID, simply place a second order; if the orders are shipped out at the same time we'll automatically consolidate them.

There's a problem with an ID I ordered!

We are sorry to hear that! Please go to that order, and add any problematic IDs to a new order as a reprint. This new order should contain ONLY THE PROBLEMATIC IDS and THEY MUST BE MARKED AS REPRINT. Then open a new ticket UNDER THAT ORDER providing us pictures of the flaws. We'll approve as free and send out ASAP.


This is completely dependent on the shipping carrier picking up our packages - WE HAVE NO CONTROL OF THIS AFTER THE PACKAGES LEAVE OUR FACILITY. Express HAS NO EFFECT ON THIS. If it has been over 7 business days THEN open a ticket otherwise your ticket will be ignored. SORRY, but we CANNOT provide the direct tracking number until after your package is marked delivered for security reasons.

How long does shipping take?

The better a picture the better the fake. Find the best digital camera possible. Make sure the flash is on. Make sure you are against a completely blank wall (white is best). If you can, buy a blue poster to use as the picture backdrop. Wear dark color clothes for contrast. For women, have your hair done neat. Think DMV/Passport style photos. The photo MUST be chest up, not any lower, not any higher. We must have your chest/ shoulders and your head in the photo. And do not clip off the top of your head! After taking the photo, make sure NO SHADOWS are under your eyes, or on your face. Shadows are a dead give away. DMV photos use a direct flash right on your face, there should be NO SHADOWS. Finally make sure the photo is under 1 MB and in JPEG format. If not change it to JPEG and please use picresize found to resize your picture to under 1MB

Do you ship internationally?

No. We ship domestic US only.

Do you offer rushed production?

Yes! We offer rushed production for an extra 25% of the total. Production times vary but on average standard production is 1-2 weeks. Rush production Will put your order on top of the production list by having your order produced before all other orders (Or together with the next batch in production).

I need my shipping address changed!

If you need your shipping address changed, make sure your ID has NOT been shipped yet. If it has we can't. But if it hasn't we can. Please supply your order # and the new shipping information, title the support ticket with 'Shipping Address Change' and we'll do it ASAP.

Wrong Information on my ID!?

We use the exact information that you supply on the form, we can manually change any info if the status is Payment Received.

My Payment Says Pending Still!

If you ordered with Bitcoin and your payment still says pending please do not submit a ticket, Bitcoin payments will be delivered in the next few hours.

I have a group order, do you offer a discount?

It depends, if the order is 5-10+ We will offer a discount.

What Security features do they have:

They have Raised Text,UV, OVI, Microprint and Scannable 2d Barcode.

About Us

IDLucy IDs are based on the renowned Dionysus Michigan ID, printed using the latest state-of-the-art techniques, and feature beautiful perforations, an optically variable image, perfect scannable barcodes, a valid swipeable magnetic stripe, and more. Even experts can't tell the difference!

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